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i just went to h&m and bought a shirt that makes me look pregnant after i shower i will see if i still like it when my hair looks nice i am in a fucking bad mood i dropped a bottle of champagne at the lcbo but it didn’t smash it just bounced this girl cut me off in line with a million things she was buying and then i decided i am too weak to carry all my stuff home so i called fil a million times but he was too busy playing zelda to answer the fone so i took a cab then i gave him attitude and cut-eye when i got home cos yesterday i was his slave and today he is feeling a tiny bit better but only enough to play zelda and ignore my existence then he took all the forks that were used from yesterday and put them in the dishwasher i was planning on using one so i said fine and took the last clean one and started eating the rest of the noodles and he is like WHERE IS MY FORK i said i was using the last one cos he just put all the forks in the dishwasher then he is all FINE YOU EAT IT ALL then i exploded but we are friends again now.

if we don’t go out i think tonite will end in violence if we stay in he will demand to play zelda all nite long and i will have a suck attack explosion and be ridiculously wasted. he told me i am not suppose to write about him and zelda and how he is visitting cheat sites but i am doing it anyway cos i am still miffed you would be too if your hour long outing was the same as mine.

running with scissors says that anger and expressing it is very healthy and you might die if you don’t so this means that i am the healthiest person in the world. while it is still a sketchy read it is a good sketchy read, it makes ME look like audrey hepburn.

my left arm is still trembling i doubt i will even be able to wash my hair i need one of those old lady bath tub benches man if i still smoked weed i would get one of those and hang out in the bath all day long making long distance phone calls.

2007 is the new asshole.

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