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warning: this post will open the floodgates of how cuckoo everyone who reads my blog is!

i’ve noticed that i talk out loud to myself more and more these days, specifically when i am leaving comments in other people’s blogs, i’ll say out loud what i am typing to them with the same tone and inflection as intended the way i wrote my comment and then i will read it again after i hit publish and then snicker maniacally for ten seconds thinking how sly i am and then i realise that i am a fucking loser and then write some more on my blog. sigh.

some arrogant little dick is banging on the slide and all the plastic elements of the park outside and i just wanted to let you know that i am going to kill him.

oh awesome it’s some little tween babysitting three other little kids setting a prime fucking example. i need those construction worker’s soundproof earmuffs.

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