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they are filming a movie or something at fresh (bloor/spadina) right now so if you were planning to eat your lesbian hippie lunch there, i wouldn’t, though it might be done by now i dunno, that place drives me mental MENTAL it’s like everyone is screaming when i go in there and there’s a 20 minute wait for a table usually, no thanks.

20 minutes for overpriced lettuce and yelling and skeletons walking around and pretentious nerds with lisa loeb glasses, eh, no.

i just came back from the supermarket, i have not early grocery-shopped in a very long time, i like it and loathe it simultaneously now here is why, everyone takes their sweet ass time and is in my way and acts like they aren’t and they put their grocery cart in front of all the shit i want to buy and then cock block the rest of the shelf and they are a hundred years old and act like they are the king of the annex i’m getting sick and tired of the annex-mentality HI I AM A CHARACTER IN A MARGARET ATWOOD NOVEL I AM WHIMSICAL AND KOOKY AND I WEAR WOOL SOCKS PULLED UP TO MY FUCKING ASS AND I HAVE A WITTY OBSERVATION ABOUT EVERYTHING IN THE UNIVERSE.

to you non-canadianoids, the annex is like the new england of toronto, you know, granola and hippie dresses, bongo drums and students, well-educated residents, haha, good thing i live here.

but, i prefer morning shopping to 5pm shopping, because i am a shut-in i push leaving the condo to get foodstuffs until i am starving my face off and then i get to the market and there are 200 other people there, the after work rush and everyone is in everybody else’s way and if someone even THINKS about me inappropriately i lose it.

where was i oh right coming back home by the time i get to the door downstairs i am sweating and crabby and then i get stuck behind the lady who lives next door who is at least 112 years old and walks slower than the slowest thing that ever slowed and i have all these bags and she is inching her way to the door and we get there at the same time and i already have my swipe key out, she doesn’t even notice me, she swipes her card and starts to open the door, i put out my hand and open it all the way cos she is this frail tiny hunched over thing and she goes OH I AM NOT SUPPOSE TO… and i cut her off and said I.LIVE.HERE. then i ran inside up the stairs so i wouldnt have to share the elevator with her.

i feel kind of mean but i am sick of being treated like a criminal here cos i am not 60 years old and i don’t wear an ugly fur coat people treat me like i am a prostitute but then when i am seen with fil they are all phony nice and i give them major stink-eye or i walk away as punishment while he is saying hi to them, fuck you, don’t pretend that you are not a fucking bitch to me in front of my boyfriend.

though, i have also thought it might be possible that they are afraid of me and my i am a total cunt vibe, i guess i am a little stand-offish, but it’s not cos i am a monster it is because i am shy and afraid of people ok the end.

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