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good morning

that crazy work-out guy is in the park beginning his assault of MAKING ME FEEL OUT OF SHAPE AND UGLY. i have been up since 6.38am, fil has early meetings on wednesdays. last nite’s birthday was a success. everyone made fun of my card cos i wrote something serious and sweet and cos my family is unable to express emotions properly, my dad and brother made jokes about it FINE next time i will get one of those cards with a fake booger in it.

jokes on them though, i fully plagiarised the line out of the book i’m reading right now HAHA. suckers.

by the way booger should be spelled BUH-ger everytime i see BOOGER i want to punch it for some reason it makes me think of scooby-doo and ghosts and the word spooky which leads to that ghost writer show and all of those kids on it were raging nerds so when i see BOOGER i think of all of that and i want to destroy them all, all because of a fucking word that is spelled the most bullshit way ever.

anyway i’ve discovered that i cannot sleep after a bender, no matter how early i wake up, 4am, 5, 6, i stay awake, strange, you’d think i would sleep all afternoon. maybe it’s carry over from highschool days, getting up with the sun, drunk still, smelling like booze ew i just made my stomache flip-flop.

i exploded a, um, blemish on the back of my neck just now and it hurts, i might make it the focal point of my day and have everything revolve around it. notice how i said blemish like i am a lady.

i haven’t been biting my nails, they are getting long, i told fil he has to buy me a present if i grow them out, i need motivation cos i have less than zero willpower.

what other girl things can i tell you, oh yeah i changed make-up a month ago and while it is less cakey it is making my cheeks break out a bit i guess i have to start washing my face which i am sad about. you know how guys brag about not having barfed since 2003 or whatever, i brag about not washing my face. i do it in the shower obvs. but when i pass out at nite i just go to sleep with make-up on like a geisha except less classy. so the last time i washed my face for real before going to bed i must have been about 19, just turned. i should have an anniversary celebration about that.

i told my dad last nite his birthday falls on my blog’s anniversary, he didn’t care. some guy outside the pub, drunk guy mind you, asks me what i do and i said well i write and i have a blog and he smirked SMIRKED at me like what the fuck do you do kid, lay sod?

i have anger problems.

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