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Canadian Blog Awards

gay faces listen up i canNOT believe how little of you have been voting for me or period it’s like you don’t want me to win and you don’t want to read this blog anymore?! i mean i know i’m not on crazy pills anymore so like what’s the deelio? i am shocked. there should be a trillion votes in all the categories i am in don’t forget that even if i come in close second this blog will be GONE, archives too. today, tomorrow, and friday are your last days of voting for me so DO IT.

love nana

ps this lady doesn’t want to lose to a blog with a tagline of LADIES THROW THEY PANTIES ON THE FLOOR “because I don’t want to lose to the blog with the tagline “ladies throw they panties on the floor”, even though I am not against throwing my own panties on the floor, but more out of weary exhaustion than any kind of sassy debauchery.” i said it’s a ghostface lyric and it is COOL, i change that thing up there a lot, she won’t publish my comments, but yet in email makes nice with me wtf why bother? anyway i said i will find a more offensive tagline just for her. however, her blog IS endearing and i think that she is a great writer, and you know me, i do not praise often let alone someone i am up against. i don’t think her blog is better or worse than mine, just a different genre.

ALSO look i am getting skinnier so yeah you can read the blog of a skinnier person it’s true someone told me last nite i am skinnier but it seems somewhat like you guys want me to get pregnant and have a blog about being a mom cos that’s who i am up against, do you want me to be a mom, is that what this is about?

no offense but i kind of hate kids, and no not your kids, your kids RULE. i mean i hate blogging about kids it’s like blogging about cats and noel told me that that’s lame so i try not to do it very much and as much as i hate agreeing with noel, he’s right. people go on the internet to ignore the fact that they are fucking losers so going through a bunch of blogs about babies and cats what the fuck?

anyway look at it as payment for reading my blog, there are no ads, there are no fees, all you have to do is go to a different site and click my name and press enter HOW OBESE ARE YOU GUYS!!!????

oh, and i love you thanks, and, believe me, i am just as tired of reminding you guys to vote as you are of reading my abusive threats.

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