fil has wedding pictures up. it’s our two year anniversary tomorrow. we have not carved pumpkins yet. we rented thank you for smoking last nite it’s funny.

i’m giving up drinking for a month starting november first.

it took me way too long to type that sentence then retype it and correct it and this one too holy shit.

we saw the trailer park boys this afternoon i would write a review but it’s pretty straight forward if you don’t know what the trailer park boys are all about you are a moron or american either way try google.

oh i forgot to mention that last nite as we were in the elevator on our way down to the lobby with chad to wait for our cab, we thought it would be fun to slap each other and at the time we decided it even “felt good” and when i say slap i mean full on across the fucking face SLAP just a hair under PUNCH i don’t think we could have topped that unless i pulled the fire alarm maybe.

i am still drunk probably i am looking forward to the hangover i will be having later on today my eyes are barely open i forgot my toothbrush we are at fil’s mom’s the worst movie is on the fearless vampire killers one dude looks like einstein the other looks like willy wonka chad air-guitared with fil’s leg last nite at the holiday inn i would tell you all the drinks i had but i would probably puke if i thought about it i won the table centre piece mikey’s date has a tattoo of a razor blade on her ankle to commemorate her two year anniversary of not cutting anymore haha i said uh that is emo and she said no it isn’t she said it isn’t cos emo didn’t exist or something when she cut herself which she did for nine years um ok 20 year old oh yeah we went to mikey’s room me and nori to collect him but he didn’t answer cos his girl was puking he has a new york accent he sounds like the basketball diaries bye.

oh now i feel bad cos sharon tate is in the vampire movie whatever.

yay they are married now. outlaw cried a little when she said her vows which of course made me cry and pitt said his very matter-of-factly and his brother sang ava maria perfectly we wanted to clap. mikey‘s hair looks like garth brooks when he was in his alter-ego/emo/chris gaines flop phase. i had the eucharist cos i was hungry and fil was spooked by my knowing all the words to all the blessings and whatever they’re called. we’re killing time before the reception which will probably have a boozeslide you know like a waterslide except with booze. mikey somehow convinced a girl to travel with him from wherever he lives, more dirt on that later.