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i lost the feeling in my hands again and it was right when i started touching different shirts and shit i wanted whilst shopping and it fully pissed me off and took the fun out of everything if i can’t feel what the fabric feels like then wtf!? i bought a hoodie anyway and underwear and a new hat and four cds here are the cds i bought

the new flaming lips
the new beck
bjork vespertine (someone fucking stole my last copy you know who you are)
travis, singles (i sold mine before i went to nyc cos i’m a genius)

i just “designed” my beck cover/s it wasn’t that fun cos again i can’t feel anything and it took way longer than it should have i am probably going to kill someone cos i am so angry about my loss of touch and my lips are very chapped and i am starving and i am not drinking anymore and now i get to watch fil shop FUN !!!!!!

all i ate today was a bite of two day old pizza so if someone were to sneeze the wrong way near me right now i would pull all their hair out most likely.

i can’t wait for fil to get home he got me a RING!

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