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we are celebrating our anniversary tonite so that we don’t have to drink tomorrow i have zero recollection of what the restaurant is called that we will be dining at but it is nearby and fancy and expensive and we have been planning to eat there since last december i am excited.

i smashed my elbow on the bathroom doorknob when i was towelling my hair there wasn’t a swear word sweary enough to say at the time so i just stared at myself in the mirror with my eyes all big and i wanted to punch myself in the face i was so mad.

does anyone else watch top chef at midnite on sundays on food tv like me do you want to talk about it? i might be watching repeats of the first season i don’t know but i am super into it last nite they had to make fancy meals using garbage from a gas station it was interesting and i hate how defensive and condescending they are which means i love this show. oh great i just found this article and i guess it’s now down to these two but i’m sort of glad i found it cos the dude is the super condescending one and the chick is the totally defensive one and i fucking hate them both so much.

**i think i might need an x-ray i just used the arm i elbow smashed to help myself up out of this chair and all the pain came back maybe i have a bone chip i am a fucking loser.

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