i’m trying to think of the potentially witty things i said last nite but i don’t think there are any basically i just made fun of everyone while they sang and was over-the-top out of control dancing and hair-banging.

oh and by the way toronto it is 100000% NOT RAINING today everyone send pitt hate mail thank you be sure to make meteorologist digs.

PS HERE ARE oops caps some photos from last nite’s pre-gong show mixer

raymi dood i was completely joking because i know you hate that shit. and i am a feminist but not that kind of feminist, ie mean and full of hate and dillusional. it is fun to play with people’s serious bullshit and show error through satire. one feminist does not speak for all feminists like how one gay person doesn’t represent all gays.

basically though i was just trying to be funny because you so obviously hate feminists and people who use their educations to bully others into thinking they are brilliant and understand the world better than everyone else. i mean come on, it’s DODGEBALL. dodgeball as a representation of patriarchy is hilarious! to me anyway.

see you tonight

i guess u are too funny which means well played
right over my head
but yeah this one girl named **** from ****** camp he said she was a feminist
but really shes just an airhead slut
and i also heard her shittalking some girl behind her back in a major way and i was like funny i didnt know feminists shittalked women and flipped their stupid oakville hair at the same time and wore sideways trucker hats

**raymi fun fact – that picture was before i had my front left tooth filed down.

hey lauren,

i see that you’ve cancelled dodgeball and can i just say i am glad because that is a very unfeminist thing to be doing. sure, dodging ‘balls’ to keep from being ‘out’ (see: othering) is something every woman can relate to but the fact that the winner is whoever ‘hits’ the most players on the other team totally reinforces the abusive patriarchal oppressive system we should be trying to overcome.

plus i’m busy during the day.

since dodgeball IS cancelled you’ve moved karaoke up to 9:30 and i’m going to a concert first at 9. like i tolds ya before i lost your number. i’d love to stop by after the show but i wanna make sure you guys are still gonna be there. wanna give it to me again?

aka your sister in strength
aka ahahfhajfhahahah



please tell me you were being a pretend feminist
i hate feminists
if u are one
dont come


also it’ll be going strong til last call so show up whenever but i would come early if you want to get in the karaoke rotation right? right.

old school dojo