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hey Raymi,
i just wanted to let u know that I read your book in one sitting… i love your humor and your outlook on life. Your writing style is easy for me to read…i like how your stories are all in first person like the way you did it….I have been procrastinating on the review I am waiting for the right creative moment and i want to use quotes from your book and stuff and my idea is to do a reiew on my blog..themn all my blog readers will want to go buy your book! I hope! Why wouldn’t they…come on if they have any sense in them they will. My only dissapointment was that it wasn’t long enough. I still love it though. I will read it again. I love your drawings cause they are just so funny they make me laugh..I can see why people would want to buy tshirts with your cartoon drawings and funy thoughts coming from the are so creative. I bet you helped a few people with your book. I have some issues Im dealing with myself and reading about your experiences kinda helps me put things into perspective in some sort of way. I really suck at explaining myself.

You sure have been through some tough shit in your life my heart goes out to you for having to experience some of those terrible things you had me in tears and then laughing and thinking of my own life too.anyway… i hope u are doing well these days and that u and phil are doing good and your meds are all working out and that you will eventually drink only 4 days of the week maybe even three! I wish i could meet you one night when we are both drunk cause then it would be easy for me to talk to you…otherwise Im pretty shy about that sorta thing. so let me know if you are ever in victoria…ill buy you a drink

xo Lindz

ps im trying to care less about what everybody else thinks! why why why do we do this!!

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