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there is this guy in the park every nite and sometimes in the morning and he is obsessive compulsive, he sweeps the entire park searching for drugs i guess and he does it every fucking nite and he totally shuts out the world. it’s pretty interesting but mostly sad. it makes me wonder where he is when not in the park, tweaking on someone’s couch? last friday he was on his hands and knees under the lamp post searching the same spot for an hour wtf. and he never looks up or around there could be gunshots and he would still druggily be searching with his hands all crouched over.

and then there’s the tall skinny white guy who changes his clothes against that little building and i have seen his dick at least ten times and his flabby flat ass.


Phil: you’ve seen his dick?

me: YES
i told u

Phil: i blocked it out
stop looking at dude’s dicks

me: dude
hes a homeless junky
nothing to be jealous of

angry professor cellphone distraction

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