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yesterday we went drunkboarding for old time’s sake and i even knelt down and bombed down a slopey hill and didn’t land on my chin but at one point i did wipe out and my left hand scraped against the ground cos my jeans were too tight and i was locked in this crouching position and this little surfer-hair looking kid watched me do it and was impressed i could tell. i like it when 8 year olds think you are the coolest. everytime we passed this one house these drunks in their garage went WOOOOOOOOH and YEEEEARRGH. it felt like being on television.

also yesterday we played asshole and i won every game and they were mad because they had just taught me how to play and i’m all like BURN and you must be very annoyed because i am winning right now etc and so on.

we’re going to see metric tonite for the fiftieth time. yawn. i’m pretty bored of metric. yeh yeh new album out soon tra la, emily haines comes off as annoyingly bitchy and not even in a hot WOW SHE IS SUCH A BITCH kind of way that makes it cool, she’s just a straight-up pretentious seeming BIOTCH. and all the guys are mesmerized by it. fil calls her mrs. philogynist and every other girl singer out there as well. i’mma just stand in the back and wobble around drunk. we got guest list so that’s good. oh and jason collett is opening so that is good also. i have so much energy i need to go longboarding RIGHT NOW.

YAT (yearagotoday)

pictures from the metric/jason collett show last year

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