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my skin is too pale to pull off wearing a black ball piercing but i am doing it anyway, half of people get it the other half stare from a mile away thinking MOLE MOLE MOLE in their heads.

in grade 8 my brother got suspended for a couple days along with some friends for singing WE CUM WE CUM WE CUM ON YOUR TABLE instead of WE COME TO YOUR TABLE during confirmation mass practising.

we were sent to catholic school cos my parents figured catholic education would be better but turns out you have one teacher who teaches you everything and you know it’s impossible to be sufficiently skilled in all subject areas and if you are then you certianly aren’t an elementary school teacher anyway, the only one-up i believe i have out of religious school is a knowledge of religion. that’s it and it hasn’t exactly come in handy. like hey lady thou shalt not covet my bicycle fuck off! no?

i had friends who went to public school and for the most part were pretty ignorant and now are all bigoted fag haters.

my family is/was not religious at all but sent us there anyway. so here i am with italians and portugeuse and polish, serbs, croat kids, everyone hugely catholic and i know shit all about it. we didn’t even have a bible.

i wonder how my parents woulda felt if i came out of it insanely catholic, holding youth group in our livingroom and all that shit. i guess they were confident enough in my skeptical smartass abilities to fully thwart it and my brother well he’d be fine. one year i lasted in catholic highschool.

anyway, my kids will not be going to a religious school.

i remember during grade 6 science my teacher was very uncomfortable talking about darwin and evolution and threw around the word THEORY a LOT. she would cut us off when we would try and say that heaven was just a theory too and not fact. total religiousnazi that one. anyhow bring on the lightning.

oh and cos of my eleven years of religious exposure and how i’m now all NOT about it christians, catholics etc can shut up with the well you have to learn a little bit about it first before you deny it. cos i did. eleven years. the end. and don’t even try with the well that was catholocism not christianity and no there is not a difference it is exactly the same shit except christianity is crazier, cuckoo and way out of its mind. speaking in tongues? come the fuck on.


lets talk about religion

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