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we went to see the last kiss last nite and it ended up being in one of the VIP rooms at the varsity you know there’s maybe 20 seats all huge with tables attached and a girl goes around and delivers popcorn to your fat lazy ass and you can leave to get trashed in the vip lounge and go back to your seat anyway we smuggled in our own red wine, cans of it the size of redbull so that was nice. also i am on my period.

period + red wine + romantic/drama = crying the entire way through then laughing a little bit menopause styles then seriously crying again and then getting very angry at your boyfriend because zach braff cheats on his girl with this other slut etc and so on.

it’s very well done i mean beautiful even, tho that might have been the wine, some scenes are hysterical while others you want to stuff your hair into your eyes it’s too emotional and real. go see it.

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