i also wanted you guys to know that i am not really a fan of dessert anymore, sweets, anything not tasting like chips or cheese or meat or salt and that the cake at my wedding will be steaks, thousands of them on tiers to the ceiling with a blood fountain at the top and the little bride and groom figurines will be floating in it and me and my husband will smash greasy meat all over our chins and then have an acne-popping party for the midnite buffet.

ahha i just found acnesucks.net look how bummed this guy is:

i wish i had some markers and big sheets of drawing paper so i could draw hamburgers and me floating in space with hamburgers around me.

ps zero people win a postcard because your rage stories were long-winded. i wanted like a tiny paragraph, consisting of no more than three lines in length describing a situation where you are so mad you have a brain aneurysm.

for example i told a squeegee dude to FUCK OFF yesterday afternoon at front street on our way out of the city and he said WELL FUCK YOU and walked away. he just started washing the windshield and i got nervous he might fuck up fil’s ride and i was kinda hoping he would cos at the moment i was full-on seeing red and i got the rageahol butterflies in stomache feeling but i think he knew i was a crazzy biatch so he just went away.

LUCKY FOR HIM REEEAAAWRgh! i was looking forward to punching his facial piercings off though.

dear downstairs foyer:

why do you insist on smelling like old lady perfume aka funeral parlor full of old ladies? i guess it can’t all be bad cos it rubs off on my clothes and it’s like HEY FREE PERFUME! but sometimes i would prefer NOT to smell like dishsoap poison with a hint of rotting mayflowers.

yours, raymi apt. ***

i like how bands on my space think that i am a band too. they are all like:

“hey, i was looking at bands and saw your profile.
you seemed like a really cool cat.
it would be really amazing if you added my friends band.

it’s really good.”

why don’t you just come out and say it? i see you have a lot of people on your list and i don’t know what the fuck you are about but add my friend’s band like it will really make a difference.

fuck off.

ps add me.