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i can’t believe people give a shit so much about lance bass being gay they’re acting as if there was cheesecake at the weight watcher’s party FUCK OFF BORING BORING BORING. i do however think it a very clever coming-out strategy, wait ’til zero people on the face of the earth give a care about you and your career THEN come out and that’s why there are a jillion tabloid articles about you and ET exclusives like hello isn’t there a war in lebanon or something right now i TOTALLY forgot cos this HUGE GAY BASS NEWS ECLIPSED THE WAR ENTIRELY! selfish.

anyway i was phased for maybe three seconds, my eyebrows raised and then i was like well DUH and the only reason i hadn’t bothered concluding this before is oh right I DON’T CARE. lance bass is the boringest bore to ever bore i am so overwhelmingly bored of this subject as i type it that i need to lay down on my fainting couch, siiigh.

ps you are best friends with that annoying red hair comedian witch who is the epitome of no thanks i’m gay for all men so get a clue world what?

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