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we scored the master bedroom saturday nite, good thing. i have never slept in a tent in my entire life and it almost came to that but good thing our host had already drunken the universe and we paid for his smokes before fil asked for a room.

on our way up i took a bunch of videos of the rain and thunder and we were storm chasers so i kept saying THIS IS HELEN HUNT REPORTING LIVE FROM UP NORTH BLA BLA BLA i am funny. i also have a bunch of firework videos. wait ’til you see ‘em and all my drunken OH MY GODS ARE THEY SUPPOSE TO EXPLODE LIKE THAT and no one answering me.

that’s duke. i don’t want to jinx it but i have a pretty good feeling that we are BFF, don’t tell. he slept with us and i had to get up with him at 7 to pee and then he pranced around the bed like a little horse for hours on my head and chest and fil. good thing we aren’t dog stealers cos duke would so totally be stolen to the extreme!!

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