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ok so i haven’t had any zoloft since sunday well saturday i mean, sunday was the first zoloft-free day and yesterday was absolutely mental PLUS i got my period and ten hundred pimply virgins decided to “rip” me in my comments GOOD TIMING. all day i felt like a tingly piece of shit and today i slept in the longest i have slept in, in a very long time well maybe three years when i use to sleep ’til 4 and wake up and smoke all the weed in the universe and then do it all over again the next do and no i did not sleep in ’til 4.

ah, good thing i’m a go-getter.

anyway, i would just like to say a hearty FUCK YOU to everyone who has been pissing me off lately and i will pay you a hundred dollars to come over and say to my face everything that’s been on your mind and been typing in my little comment section, fucking do it losers.

makes me look oh so forward to launching and giving you motherfuckers the platform you crave to discuss your penis enlargements and acne medicines.


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