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HEY! I’m proud of you for actually posting my comment. I don’t see how you could have “banned” me already, because that was my first time commenting on your boring blog that delves into the excruciating minutia of your boring life which is no more interesting than anybody else’s. But I’m not surprised that you have to continuously ban people because I bet you get a lot of people that feel it is their duty to tell you the truth, that nobody cares about the crap you have to write. And you jump to the internet-version of the old cop-out defense of “I can’t hear you!!!!!” created by 6 year olds. So 2000 people visit your blog daily eh? Looks like your stupid rambling is SO interesting that about 5 – 10 people out of 2000 per day feel the need to discuss your lame stories. I’ll give you a little breakdown on the demographics of your “agonizingly boring web log” or simply “agbo-blog” for short. Of the 2000 people you claim visit your agbo-blog each day, 5 – 10 of them, we’ll say 10 to be conservative, are your actual “friends” that pretend to care. I use “friends” loosely because they are comprised of people that pretend to like you because you whored out your ugly body to them, and 1 extremely lonely and obviously pathetic loser who somehow thinks it’s in his best interests to claim to be your boyfriend even though he gets thorougly bitched by you on a daily basis. (“He’s too afraid to talk to strangers LOLLL!!!”). Anyway the other 1990 “hits” a day you get are from extremely horny internet-loners that heard there’s a free sneak-peak of a half-naked real-live girl (who happens to have no security or self-esteem so she needs the 2000 hits per day generated by naked-girl pictures to feel any kind of self-worth). So anyway, to sum everything up: I’m impressed that you actually had the courage to post my last comment – I doubt highly you will post this comment – I think out of sheer weakness and a lack of any form of defense you will “ban” me – a word of advice to you would be to tell your “friends” to refrain from “defending” you in the comments section because they make the most retarded grade-3 level insults that don’t make any sense or apply at all and by reflection make you look a lot less intelligent than you really are – you should delete your worthless agbo-blog – and finally I will be starting my own blog in your honour, I’ll give you the link once it gets up and running.

Hope you have a good day!
S.M.D. | 07.26.06 – 2:28 pm | #

dude that’s pretty ironic you’ll be making a blog in tribute to me and thanks for the statistical rundown of my readership and hits cos like you are obviously an expert and who am i, i’m just someone who’s had this blog for over 6 years and not to mention INVENTED IT what the FUCK do i know? clearly NOTHING. thanks for clearing up that the people who i talk to on a daily basis and mail me stuff and buy my shit and have been reading along for years, thank you SO MUCH for OUTING THEM! everyone there’s gonna be big changes i’m sorry but smd is right YOU ARE ALL USING ME! YOU DON’T REALLY LIKE ME AT ALL I JUST KNOW IT! EVERYONE WHO HAS EVER MAILED ME SOMETHING OUT OF THE “GOODNESS” OF THEIR HEARTS I SEE RIGHT THROUGH YOU YOU EVIL SCUM smd smd smd smd smd + raymi = FOREVER!
raymi | Homepage | 07.26.06 – 3:08 pm | #

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