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Hey what makes you think anybody cares about your crap adventure in the movies? Yeah people want to hear your bitching about the most minor of problems – that makes for GREAT reading. Why don’t you get mad at this comment, take it out on your obviously huge pussy of a boyfriend, have him leave you, and then die alone because you failed to attract a new mate since you’re so fat and ugly that the only way you can attract anyone is through gravitational pull. If you’re fat and ugly like you are, it helps to have a nice personality, that way at least you’d have *SOMETHING* going for you.
S.M.D. | 07.25.06 – 3:06 pm | #

dear smd you win for the best comment. i dont think anyone is interested in anything i have to say however since u asked perhaps roughly the 2000 or so people who come here daily care. ps i thought i banned you already.
raymi | Homepage | 07.25.06 – 3:18 pm | #

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