i’m on that 25 peeps site again i must’ve reapplied whilst innebriated cos i do not recall doing it. anyway, help me be more popular than the other fags hags and scraggy losers – click my referral link (picture of me in the tub duh)! thanks! i made a point to come all the way to the library to update my blog for you to cry to so you FUCKING OWE ME!

PS. here are some smoking mittens to shut you up. hopefully.

You Are 62% Bitchy

While you may not think of yourself as the ice queen, admit it, you’re often in a bad mood.
And it’s those around you who often bear the brunt of your annoyance, even if they haven’t done anything wrong!

hmm pretty low.



i don’t know where to begin, there’s the hot scrangey voice and her fucked up bird’s nest hair and her hot not hot/hot fucking hot busted face hotness where she isn’t classically beautiful which makes kirsten dunst more like kirsten DUMPst and julia stiles, bleck, boring man-voiced turdhole dweller.

and playing a total fucking slut in that mona lesbo smiles movie like she doesn’t give a care, LOVE IT not to mention secretary when you pee’d down your leg!

her brother is also babesville, duh and not to be an incest advocate or anything but…..

anyway maggie my phone number is 647 29*-**** i got a boner for you and it lasts all week. pizEACE!

ps. i like your clothes

so yeah the internet is suspended for a week because someone gave my computer VD.

i took only one zoloft pill today, that’s 25mg, soon i will be two-dimensional skinny.

i am not drinking ANYTHING AT ALL this week.

i am using the library computer and i am pretending i am a student i am very good at pretending to be a student like duh my books are in my LOCKER, HELLO.

yes i know there aren’t lockers in university.

i just had a never-ending bowel movement.

now i am going to choose another boner of the week so thighswideshut.org will link me again! though i should probably just make myself boner of the week cos like OBVIOUSLY I AM VERY GOOD LOOKING!

so we went to the island on saturday and i got a little burned and drank the universe and sharpie was drunk still from the nite before.

this fat woman told me off in line cos our line merged with hers and we were equal with each other but cos she is the size of a toolshed she decides she was ahead of me and she cut me off so sharpie was on the other side and sharpie is like hey come stand over here and i say I WOULD BUT I AM KIND OF BLOCKED and fat lady goes BARGLE BARGLE BLEARGH THAT’S BECAUSE I WAS HERE FIRST and i said OH YEAH WHY DON’T YOU WRITE A LETTER!? then i just couldn’t let it go so i says DOES IT REALLY EVEN MATTER?!? ARE WE GOING ANYWHERE YET!?

then fil and samir show up and i’m all braggy loud OK LETS OUTTIE WATER TAXI WHAT’S UP!?!

i like how people snap at you and you are like wow you chose the wrong person to lash out at seriously, have you read my blog!?