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Date: Jun 27, 2006 5:46 PM

Subject: hey mang

Dear Raymi, god new zealand is boring. It’s full of vast throngs of people who are essentially inoffensive, and basically mean well, getting picked off one by one by psychotic meth-addict samurai sword weilding inbreeds.

I guess it’s cos coke is prohibitively expensive here. (Like us$350 a gram). I think if we got a big shipment of the shit people would start having a more inflated self-opinion and shit would be funnier. Or not.

I think I want to go to cuba. at least there you can smoke in bars.

It’s sunny today, though which is good, cos it’s been hosin down w/ icy needles of rain fer about a million days. My workmate looked over my shoulder when I was readin yer blog and said “who’s that? I want to be her.” which I thought I should tell you.

I’m gonna go take my books back to the library now.


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