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not having the internet feels like not existing like everyone’s at a party i wasn’t invited to but i eventually turn up at and you’re all like oh yeah it’s you, hi. sounds gay and nerdy i know but wait until you lose the internet and see how you feel. anyway.

we rented the world’s fastest indian last nite and i really liked it, it’s a very touching story and anthony hopkins is very endearing. i spent 60% of it feeling overwhelmingly stressed out cos he has this weak heart see and you are expecting him to die in every fucking scene and when he doesn’t you are like PHEW and take a mega stress crap.

we didn’t drink last nite, nor will we tonite or tomorrow or the nite after and shockingly i am not experiencing booze guzzling fantasies maybe it’s the Zoloft depletion?

ok maybe i will drink tomorrow i dunno i DO know that i’m over the whole being drunk thing though which is good and even reading junky isn’t affecting my de rigueur gimme a drink right fucking now frame of mind.

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