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it’s walking through hot soup season in toronto aka check on the old people you know, my favorite. lise brought me earrings yesterday and my ears aren’t pierced and purple lightning bolt tattoos, later on i drunk gave away the tattoos to the bouncer/manager of a pub and he’s all ONLY ONE SONG TONITE?! so now i don’t have any tattoos and i have earrings i can’t wear. i might get them pierced. should i?

the karaoke guy is getting on my nerves, part of his introducing me to everyone speech is explaining how crazy i am because i scream at people if they are speaking loudly during my song which is understandable right? anyway i don’t do it all the time and even if i did that doesn’t make me crazy it makes me angry. so i called him out on his scooter/motorcycle and said WHATEVER GUY WHO HAS A SCOOTER POSING AS A MOTORCYCLE cos it’s one of those whatever the front looks motorcycle-like the rest is all pussy scooter that i can pick up with one hand and give to my grandma.

next week i will target his haircut.

oh i sang wow what did i sing oh right don’t tell me, madonna, and i was awesome and a blog fan guy took my picture with a throw away camera so there’s extra awesome points.

i wish you could hear the fake telephone conversation between howie mandel and that other dude on the deal or no deal show I LOVE THAT SHOW!

today is s. hermit‘s 30th birthday.

oh yeah i forgot that when i dissed the karaoke guy over the mic one of the bar waitresses put her hands over her head and clapped and laughed and cheered!

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