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Sent : May 30, 2006 4:42:48 AM
To : Raymi Lauren Subject : Re: RE: stumble style

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we exchanged emails a little while back…
since my initial transmission and response i have come to realize that you are a
bit of a blog celebrity… what is that like?

that doesn’t really require any answer, it was more of a rhetorical, absurd life
position ahoy, question.
absurd in the sense that you seem to be a great voice from some sort of
non-hipster hipster section of society that i am rarely exposed to. excuse the
use of the term hipster. fuck hipsters. non-hipster hipster only has minor
connections to hipsterhood.

regardless, my uninformed stumble upon a few of your works inspired me to start
a blog… i guess i thought it would be a good release. and your wit provided me
with some evidence that not all the people who had blogs were in the generic
douche category.

i would be much obliged if you took a minute to check it out.
not exactly because i am looking for blog celebrity recognition gratification,
but somewhat… it is all so new and EXCITING!!!!!
more because it was a partial influence thing… maybe you will find that cute
or disgusting or nothing. irrelevant. is the address

and one quick question.

do you try to avoid making yourself the absolute source of your writing
meaning, do you try to stay away from always pulling intricate messages from
your own complex shit?
to disjoint this even more, is it improv based on information you have
synthesized or is it all from the subjective realm of interpretting your own

that might be one simpler question, but i couldn’t get it together.

good luck with your writing
enjoy the drinking

life is just so real. sweet.


love this guy

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