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fil and i went to see x-men 3 last nite and it was awful, i mean, it was good but still pretty bad and i have never seen so many loners in a theatre before in my life. one guy in front of us was talking and squealing to himself THE ENTIRE TIME. the acting was terrible, the dialogue was cheesy, the outlandish costumes of the rogue punk mutants were embarrassing and right from the beginning of the movie it’s like immediately accepted that mutants and humans live amongst one another but then five minutes later humans are all WE HAVE A MUTANT CURE!

also a cute thing, after EVERY movie fil and i go to see, for the next 24 hours, fil, IS, the, movie. after mission impossible he was like, a spy. last nite he was logan aka wolverine and he does all these superhero poses and pretends to stab me through my chest. then he hid in the dark in the livingroom when we got home and i just walked into the bedroom instead cos i knew he was there, i turned around fast, flicked on the lights and there he was crouching like wolverine with his invisible claws out and cid was sitting beside him just like, sitting there.

so scary.

oh yeah after the credits there is an extra scene, do not bother waiting for it, unless you are stoned or wasted – it will piss you off, it is maybe 15 seconds long and the credits are like 4 minutes long. not worth it. i could just tell you what the scene is now if you want.

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