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we met up with ian and his girlfriend at the wheat sheaf last nite for dinner and drinks, it’s supposedly the oldest bar in toronto but i think it’s pretty boring and lame and not very exciting, fil thinks it has cred cos it is old, me, not so much, like hey that man is 112 he is super important, pffft. so that bar is just as shitty as it was in 1849? right?

this guy walked in who looked like snake’s brother and i was all HEY THAT’S SNAKE’S BROTHER and the guy sees me then i realise it’s not snake’s brother but it is cone from sum 41 so i says to fil i says ok don’t act like you are my boyfriend i want him to think i am single and i try to put out my coolness vibe and i think he notices but not really, i think it might have worked TOO well because he didn’t speak to me.

when i’m bored i act really obnoxious so we left shortly after i decided i was bored.

i ate the chicken souvlaki meal there, it was delicious. i wish i was eating it right now.

i wish i had a shopping cart.

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