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we watched lord of the rings for the millionth damn time last nite and i still do not know about half of what is going on in the movie and certain character’s affiliations with whom and what’s that guy’s name again and LOOK HERE IS MY IMPRESSION OF LIV TYLER NO REEEALLY LOOK! and fil is MORE LIKE BORED OF THE RINGS! nice one fil.

talking is my favorite so i babbled on a lot and said hey let’s do our own commentary for the entire trilogy! then halfway forgot to make comments about the film and instead slicked my hair back and pretended to be white trash and came onto fil HEY BABY GIVE ME WHAT I’M OWED and i massaged his thighs, it was pretty gross of me. i said things like OOH after this I HAVE TO WATCH ESPN to check my PRO-LINE!

fil was very aroused.

i think fil and samir should go as gandolf and that other wizard-guy for halloween, big long ugly beards and wigs. don’t worry i will give at least 400 halloween costume suggestions between now and october 31 and you will forget about all of them.

i want to be some kind of inanimate object or maybe go the route of pretentious university kid and have a balloon taped to my head and bits of styrofoam on my shirt and exclaim that i am STATIC ELECTRICITY YOU IDIOT!

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