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we dragged samir out to karaoke and i BROUGHT DOWN THE HOUSE and when i say house i mean WORLD. there’s this dude there who considers these karaoke nites to be “shows” and he brings a suitcase full of hats and masks and sunglasses and it’s like awww i love that guy i even said over the mic when i was singing PIERRE I WISH YOU WERE MY DAD meanwhile he is doing the running-man and i am singing a heartfelt rendition of come together, awesome, fully.

i spent ten minutes talking to sarah who has big hair who is pretty and listened to everything i had to say about blogging even when i began to ramble on in foreign languages pretty much and was all bla bla ego bla bla ME bla bla blargh EMAIL ME LEAVE ME COMMENTS STREAM OF CONSCIENCE BLOGGER EXTRAVAGANZA I CREATED THE INTERNET!

sarah was like i feel you mang and i was like WORD.

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