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my favorite television show is 7th heaven and fil likes it too, it’s predictible and too easy to make fun of.

“hey preacher boy nice wheels you missed the party it was LAST NITE!”


Last nite we were walking towards Spadina and there was a group of twenty dudes all loud and rude and i say to fil hey look are those guys me? yes he says. one hoofs a big clear garbage bag full of bottles into the air at us and it lands right at my feet and one goes OH YEAH THAT WAS SOOOOO CLOSE! and i yelled YEAH THAT WAS SO COOOOL GUYS! and we’re walking now in the opposite direction and they realise what i said and how it was not NOT sarcastic and one yells back AW COME ON YOU’RE WEARING A BROWN JACKET!

nice burn dingus. sorry i don’t wear t-shirts for the three block walk to the shitty university bar i frequent in winter.

best most smartest video of me and jen ever.

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