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here is an impression of me when i am blasted obliterated busticated retardicated and decide to pick up strange cats and make them let me squeeze them with my love.

i can’t drink so much anymore cos i get wrecked a lot easier by upping my crazy pill dosage which is a shame cos i really enjoy drinking, like, a lot. i dunno if you knew that already. anyway, i am having insomnia cos of it. i go to bed thinking i am buzzed enough and watch futurama and family guy and then i realise i am not drunk and then i can’t sleep.

anyway here is a profound line that i dreamed of last nite. there are two sketchy guys who are in a fight and one says to the other,

“we are both standing beside each other swaying, however YOU sway in the opposite direction of me.”

maybe it was as me and maybe it was leaning instead of swaying either way i am a poetic genius subconsciously like an old crotchety chinese guy who says cool shit every ten seconds, chinese proverbs or whatever.

totally zen.

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