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is anyone watching Huff right now on VOD or has seen all of the episodes? i want to start a nerdy group email discussion type thing so we can talk about it but don’t tell me what is going on beyond episode 8, i just watched it and BAM KAZOOM POW it is amazing. ps. it is like my new survivor except i watch it during the day and it makes me want to do a mountain of blow.

we are going to a play tonite tho i forget the name of it.

last nite at metric i said imagine if everyone could hear what everyone else was thinking, it would be like a sea of THAT GIRL HAS FAT LEGS and THAT GUY IS A TOTAL FAGGOT and fil said well eventually people would get use to it and we’d think nicer thoughts and then this chick walked by and fil said something mean about her and i laughed. but only amongst ourselves. and then a different girl walked by and her tag was sticking out and i wished that she could hear my thoughts about her tag sticking out.

and then all those douche bags with up-turned collars would have two choices. 1. fix their collars 2. punch in the face.

then this weirdo guy was dancing like mental and a bouncer walked by and it looked like he was going to ask him to stop dancing but he didn’t though it would be funny if he did.

that was funny. i’m funny.

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