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had three pretty fucked up dreams in a row, i was in china or something and i couldn’t walk properly at this hoity toity party and i kept making everyone spill their drinks in their laps and this dog was attacking me and these snotty rich kids were suppose to drive me to the airport but instead of listening to me they were making fun of me and my outfit.

mary-kate and ashley olsen are going to be at muchmusic today. swooooooon! i totally wanted to go but no one else did. they air it at 6. can’t. wait. so gay i know but whatever. it’s less gay than paris hilton being there.

i’ve been watching a ton of shitty movies lately, little black book being one starring brittany murphy. i use to be all about her quirks and retarded laughing but now it’s just like what the fuck? second was raise your voice, hillary duff. awful, just awful. just because certain movies are free on VOD doesn’t mean you should watch them. then there’s new york minute and as cheesy as it is i still love it so shut up. i also watched a mandy moore movie not too long ago but i don’t remember the name. she had a bad haircut and an addiction to christmas booze chocolates and her friend gets knocked up. feh.

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