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i am in no way proud of any of this, it was friday night and fights are stupid, you can punch the guy 10 times but you still get corked once. it hurts your mouth and anyway i punched the guy a lot of times but got punched much more than this. it happened so late on friday with my best friend since we were 3, whiskey + various drugs consumed and a dying party. i think he kicked my guitar in the back and i suppose i would have punched him in the neck, that’s how it would have started. it happened on a place called the stoop which is really just a stairway leading to a house. we went toe to toe for a while but i wound up on a the lower stair and literally saw total white flashes, also i’m kinda small and he’s pretty fat. and taller. we made another drink after and there was some commotion so i hid the blood away in my hat and hair because my sister couldn’t look – she sees blood then faints, but we all had a good laugh about it. the next day my nose was sort of crooked.

okay a phone call w/ joe just verifies that he did kick my guitar and it was because i turned the doors off – we were gettin yappy after that and we talked about fighting but apparently i just shot the shit normally until my smoke was done and then turned on him, snakey-like. that’s not good. i didn’t even see my guitar through all this, i just remember a friend telling me that she got kicked and was broken. i was distraught.

love ryan

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