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i fucking hate everybody who reads jen‘s blog. everything she says and does is critisized to no end and for what, because gosh gee she is married to matt and oh no now your chance of marrying matt is nil. the funny thing about being friends with them is all the fucking trolls that have come over here and to fil’s blog cos they want to leech off someone who knows someone who is friends with somebody who once hung out with matt good. fucking a. do you know how much of a loser you are to go and verbally attack the wife of someone you are a fan of in their blog which has nothing to with you whatsoever? jen’s blog is fun fluff like my blog and most people’s and she is ‘dissed time and time again.

i bet if she were fat and ugly you guys would be nice to her you fucking wannabe fascist piece of gay plaid wearing hicks with shitty blogs who think hanging out in your parent’s livingroom with ten friends playing cards on a saturday nite is the shit.

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