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i think i am stoned in this picture. i hope i am stoned in this picture. yeesh.

jamie found me a new boyfriend. i like that i have a lot of boyfriends and they are either chipmunks or fat men with headphones or fucked up hair or no teeth and are a million years old.

get ready to be jealous.

last nite fil and i went to the drive-in to see the island and wedding crashers, both brilliant movies in their special little way. we’re trying to remember a specific line from the wedding crashers cos when it was said i turned to him and was all bleh blahh new blog title! we drank 50s and shoks and there was a tiny cute little dog in the car beside us with a smushed up little face and the drunker i got the more high-pitched my voice went so that all the windows of all the cars ‘sploded.

we are going up north for the ten trillionth time in a row so fil can pretend to help build a cottage extension and i can get retarded on the sauce and do the easy crossword book. which is still kind of hard. for me at least.

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