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at five in the morning some douche bag was talking to the girl down the hall through the building’s intercom in the alley outside our window. it woke me up out of this crazy sexy dream. anyway, fuckskag was all WELL there IS a coffee down here for you…if you want it, his tone was trying to be coy and tempting but really he sounded demanding and pathetic. so they chatted a bit longer and then she went down to get the coffee and they talked some more. who the fuck talks and drinks coffee at 5 in the morning. i stood up on the bed and was sliding down the window just about to say DUDE SHE IS NOT GOING TO FUCK YOU DON’T YOU GET IT SHE WOULDN’T LET YOU IN AND SHE MADE ALL THIS EFFORT TO COME DOWN TO TALK TO YOU GO THE FUCK HOME ALREADY I AM TRYING TO SLEEP and so on. so finally they said bye and he got into his stupid little car and cried all the way home. that chick just turned 19 and is living down the hall until the end of august. thank god cos her doorway is a turnstile of different dudes daily and there’s been all this destruction since she moved in.

wow i sound old and craggily.

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