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today i had zero booze. yeah. but i’ve felt awfully fucking bored. i did four minutes of sit-ups. pffft. i watched pretty much ten hours worth of television straight-through and the movie cellular twice. also that movie called don’t tempt me with penelope in it, what a hot bitch she is. i’ve been tip-toeing around clutching my finger and whispering “ow” to no one in particular. i think all this indoor time has made me loony because during fresh prince and that 70’s show i would walk into the office and repeat to fil all of the parts that made me laugh except when i said them it wasn’t in english and of course he did not laugh. anyway whatever i’m a friggin’ comedic genius. this is the first non-booze day in a very long time. i can’t believe i still have a functioning liver. i also watched austin powers. name anything on tv and i probably watched it today. i think i only blinked three times today. i am so wired i could stay up forever and ever. oh yeah we went on fil’s bike to my house to steal food out of the freezer because we ran out of food stamps. ok bye. oh wait look at the unicorn orgy!

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