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i have to do something about my drinking, not stop altogether (but i should) but definitely tone it down. this is what i drank last nite:

4 glasses of red wine, possibly 5

4 martinis, 2 ounces each

3 shots of gold

1 beer

1 vodka tonic

my head is retarded right now, i had some clever things to say but it hurts to think/type them out.

last nite i thought i was hotshit and was all over this picture but now i’m not so sure. my face looks weird. my dad was out with us last nite also. he’s a lot of fun. he said i gained weight though. so i’ve decided to finally fucking lose some weight. yesterday i went through a bunch of photos from last summer and man i was skinny so i want to look like that again. once i’ve slimmed down enough i am going to reward myself with a tattoo.

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