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it’s occurred to me that i haven’t been writing about boozing so much anymore. stefinator told me she searched me on google and found some guy shit-bagging me because all i ever write about his getting wasted i was like pshaw i haven’t written about being wasted in like, a month. it’s to the point now where it’s practically implied, so why bother mentioning it? i. am. a. drunk.

last nite especially, thanks to mark saying, i feel like having at least a few more drinks. he also told me he hears voices. i’m like dude, you have way too much time on your hands, you need to go out more, be with people, and yeah i’m one to talk but i’m not hearing fucking voices in my head alright. anyway.

so i was pretty knackered last nite and phil said you. are. drunk. and i said no i’m NOT drunk but in my head i was saying yes i am.

and today all i feel like doing is sitting around and eating chips and dip and finishing that mennonite book.

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