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i had the stupidest-ass dream last nite so stupid that it is part brilliant. here is a point-form account of said dream.

-i was in a dormitory full of bad kids who were forced to work in a slaughterhouse and i was trying to get them to have sex with me.

-there was a meat protestor outside dressed like a steak and i was trying to get inside and so i ate an uncooked mini beef patty and then the dude chased me all around a tennis court and everyone said that he outran me because i ate meat.

-i was walking around the meat museum and i tripped over a bench and some PR guy came out and gave me meat coupons that were stapled to a tabloid paper and i also received a piece of paper that said LET IT BE KNOWN THAT MR. BOWERS RAPPED WITH YOU IE. SPOKE WITH YOU ABOUT YOUR ACCIDENT.

-at some point a mini-frodo was chasing and attacking me around the dormitory.

-i started crying and then i was allowed to leave.

the spaghetto was so good we made a big batch of it and fil took some to work for lunch.

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