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on saturday i turned into dance master 3000 and now i have more bruises on my knees. at one point i was trying to do some showgirl style jump in the air and kick out your leg nonsense and my legs went out from under and i fell on my ass. it was great. we were celebrating derelicte’s birthday. it was a surprise party. i blew up ten katrillion balloons and by the end of the nite they were all popped and i of course was drunk and hostile about it and everyone ignored me and kept popping away.

finally bought the new beck cd and it’s awesome despite him being a smelly scientologist et al.

i have been meaning to move out with ward for a long time now but all of a sudden a room has been made available to me for the summer in good ole tdot so i’m taking it and hopefully that will inspire ward to move out of his mom’s place by august.

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