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last nite i dreamt i was working again in the hardware store except it was new and improved and these kids i knew from elementary school were stealing a bunch of bed posts and tubes of whatever and shoving it all down their pants and i was like HEY EXCUSE ME and all the stuff fell out of their pants and the manager came over and to this one guy i said hey man i knew you from school why you gotta ‘dis me like that? and my manager was like good job.

later on i was in a house of this family’s and i was peeing in their upstairs master bedroom bathroom and i was pissing all over the side of the toilet because it was weird and high and i was standing up over it for some reason and the woman walks in and i shouted HELP I JUST CAN’T STOP PEEING so she threw her husband’s sweatshirt under me and i peed on it and then a tiny bat flew into the room and hit me in the forehead and i took a stuffed animal and beat it to death.

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