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apparently i slept-walked two hours after this photo was taken. what a winner.

i have nasty bruises all over my knees from dancing like a moron at aimee’s easter party on sunday. i am crazy for floor spins and sliding across the room on my knees because i am joey ramone and everything i touch turns into rock&roll.

longboarding was good and then it turned into afternoon pints and crappy lunch specials and now i feel sleepy and crabby.

i cut my bangs some more yesterday. one side was too angular so i snipped it off and then i noticed the other side being all long and flamboyant and so i cut it off and then the middle part of my bangs felt left out so i took that off as well and now it is damn obvious that i am one of those bangs girls and having bangs is what now defines my personality so when i’m telling a joke someone will go OH THAT’S CLEVER BECAUSE YOU HAVE BAAAAAAAAAAAANGS!

by the end of the week my bangs will go all the way up to the part in the middle of my head.


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