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we’re going to vancouver soon to stay with the goods so i can play with their dogs and take them back with me to ontario when we leave. yesterday at the movie store i was drunk and there was this tiny dog that was following me around and so i picked it up and fil shook his head at me and said that is like picking up someone’s child ie. weird. whatever, the dog wasn’t even struggling. we rented alfie and it is nowhere near as cool as it seems to be in the previews and i am glad that susan sarandon told him that she was banging this other guy ‘cos he was younger. player guys are douche bags who think they’re so interesting and usually say, “man, there should be a book written about MY life, it’s SOOOO crazy guy!!!” fuck you.

anyway, ya, the goods and also that arts county fair backstageness – k-os, metric, stabilo, and matthew good. i will be the one vomitting out of my ears. that is all.

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