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we watched gia last nite because it was on television for free. i had never seen it before. angelina jolie did not look seventeen years old. lots of horniness was going on and then it got all sad and disease-like. too bad she had awful hair. the part when she walks into that model agency fil looked at me and said are you picturing yourself walking into an agency and winning them over and i said nooooooooooo but inside my head i was saying yessssssssss!


back to television because i have something extremely important to discuss

you know that certain feeling that the tv is on in a room when you are doing something else like say you’re on the internet for three hours straight and you haven’t looked over your shoulder or moved or anything but then you come back to reality and sense that the tv might be on and you can’t remember if it is actually on or if you turned it on earlier so you sit there thinking hmm i am going to make an educated guess about this matter and before i turn around i am going to have the right answer in my head regarding the television being on or not because the room has that “television is definitely on” vibe to it and so you turn around and look and the tv isn’t on and you are like what the fuck, that’s strange, i really thought it was on that time.

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