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ok so i cracked and went to the casino afterall and got shitty and my mum won a lot of sweet mula and me and brotherraymi got bitchy toward her because she was being stingy and he was like if i won that much money i would be giving at least a hundred to everybody in our party and so we were being bad greedy kids as per usual.

the bathroom smells like diapers and everybody is mean and ugly and old and they walk around clutching their gambling cups and if your eyes look at their cup they look at you like you are going to hell.

man that place is awful.

and of course i won absolutely nothing because i never ever do and if i did i would gamble it all away immediately because i am a manic piece of shit with gamble fever and i like to look like i know what i am doing at all times and i don’t like walking around with a cup of unused coins so i have to lose everything before i feel comfortable in getting up to walk around and find my brother or whomever and then watch him lose more of his money and then we leave and listen to the beavis and butthead experience cassette all the way home because we invented coolness.

brotherraymi said something that was suppose to insult me on the way there and i forget what it was but i made an awesome insult right back at him that i laughed at for maybe ten minutes after i said it because i thought it was so good and he also agreed that it was a good insult and it sort of hurt his feelings and this is what it was:

“why don’t you buy another sweatshirt?!”

i am the best.

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