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just a little bit of gaytimes for you.

fil went off to be in his friend’s indie movie thing again. he is wearing a suit and skating around with a hockey stick and driving and having facial expressions so he is going to be the next big star to come out of canada since michael j. fox and i mean it.

last nite on our way back from the disco, fil shoved me down into the snow a hundred times and all these cars were driving past and no one cared that this big tall guy is pushing down some girl and kicking snow in her face and granted i was drunk and laughing but i was also angry at the same time and yes i started all of it though he could have pretend fell down at least once so i could put snow all over him and feel amazing about myself and less angry for having snow down my pants and underwear and in my mittens.

and ps my pants are still wet and he busted all the loose cigarettes that were in my pocket too.

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