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i’m fucking off on the family today for my nana’s birthday because i don’t want to go to no damn casino no more. one of the very first times that my brother dragged me to a casino, i swore at this woman for taking one of my machines and she threatened to have me kicked out so i gave her way more attitude and sat there playing the machine all the while she sassed me to her friend and i kept mumbling rude things under my breath the entire time because it was a matter of pride and i was in the right. but it was ok because she lost a lot of coins to that machine and everytime she pressed the button and nothing happened in her favor i was thinking ha ha ha in my head like a mean teenager.

people get very emotional about gambling and when other people get emotional, i too get emotional for the sake of getting emotional and then i start swearing at old ladies.

so i am not in the mood for that today and i called my nana friday nite and said my happy birthday hello speech and so on and not like they will miss me anyway not unless i was a plastic bucket of coins or i was a slot machine.

i think my brother is ditching also though last minute my mum will probably convince him to go and he’ll go and then i’ll look even more of an asshole.

le sigh.

well, the way i see it i am doing everyone a favor in not going because if i go i’ll want to drink and i will whine and complain about it and be moody and the drinks are expensive there and i’ll feel like i am in casino wal-mart hell.

me drunk and not attractive-looking. i feel like i have let my “sexy” self go photograph-wise and i prefer looking stupid in pictures like ha ha those blog reader boner guys want sexy raymi and now look what they have to look at pfffffffft.


i never liked sundays.

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