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i do not like wal-mart anymore.

we went there tonite to go to the mcdonald’s because finding neverland was sold out so we had to eat garbage to get over our sadness.

anyway, the female’s restroom totally depressed me. there was piss on every toilet seat. a lot of fucking piss. and some blood even. and there wasn’t any toilet paper either.

all the mcdonald’s employess were total loafters with their cellfones in their hands like annoying 16 year olds talking about marijuana and all these dumb street fights that never happened and they fucked up our order and my double cheeseburger was made all wrong.

i don’t like feeling like i am the prettiest girl on the planet when i go places and i usually end up feeling that way when i go to wal-mart and fuck you for being shocked by reading this because you feel the exact same way at wal-mart too so shut up.

oh and if you say i don’t go to wal-mart because you are a millionaire or whatever you are a lying piece of shit or you are paris hilton or trying to be.

wal-mart during the day is at least tolerable.

at nite it’s this whole other gross vibe feeling happening and all the cashiers make you feel like you are dealing with homeless people, you know what i mean? like you feel sorry for them because the atmosphere is draaaab and none of them are smiling so making fun small-talk is pointless.

i liked wal-mart better when it was woolco.

i dunno why they haven’t given us a target yet. canadians would be all over that shit. at least you feel better about yourself after visitting a target. after visitting wal-mart i feel really bad for the world and my teeth feel yellow.

and i never understood why the in doors are on the left and the out doors on the right. it’s so strange. what the fuck wal-mart?

and why are there ashtrays all along the exterior walls near the entrance? i know why they’re there, i’m being rhetorical here. wal-mart is saying that mainly poor people on welfare shop at wal-mart and poor people on welfare smoke cigarettes like crazy. that’s fine and all but they could at least act like fancy nonsmokers shop there also and take down those offensive ashtrays so it doesn’t look like a parkdale poolhall that i am walking into with my neice, come on wal-mart, you insulting piece of shit.

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